Get Your Yearly Auto Inspection

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Each year, the state of New York requires you to have your car inspected before you renew your tag and registration. If you're caught on the road without an up-to-date inspection, you could receive a fine from the state or even a traffic violation ticket.

To avoid having to pay extra fines, bring your car to J's Auto Inc. in Utica, NY for a full auto inspection. State auto inspections from our full-service auto body shop will ensure your car is safe on the road and meets all regulations.

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Keep yourself safe on the road

State auto inspections are not only for your safety but also for your peace of mind. Knowing your car is safe to drive can bring a lot of ease when you're behind the wheel.

At J's Auto, we'll do a full auto inspection that covers:

  • Driving features: brakes, wheel fasteners, frame alignment and suspension
  • Safety mechanisms: seat belts, airbags, windshield, wipers and mirrors
  • Fuel and mechanics: emissions, fuel leaks, lights, windshield and horn

Bring your car or truck to our auto body shop in Utica, NY today.

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